What Not To Do On Social Media

So there are a billion articles out there about what you “should do” on social media. Usually they all say the same ol thing- post consistently, don’t be fake, give value, use hashtags, Blah, Blah, Blah. That’s all fine and dandy, but what about what NOT to do on social media?

It’s ok if you’re guilty of a couple of these, we all are some time.

Never post, but expect engagement

If you never post, why should people follow you? If you never post, what do you expect people to say in your comments?

Post 500 times a day

Look, hommie. You’re giving your audience content overload. It’s about quality over quantity.

Only tweet about your product/service

You have a product or service. You’re trying to get people to buy it obviously, but if all you’re posting is “buy my stuff” no one is going to buy it. Have you built a relationship with your followers? Have you given them a reason to buy your stuff?

Ignoring everyone

Responding to mentions and comments on social media is crucial. Your followers like you! If you want to keep that relationship RESPOND!

Fake followers

Here’s the thing, when you buy followers most of the time they’re bots and zombie accounts. Your numbers will look amazing the first day, maybe even the first week. You’ll then slowly start to see your numbers drop when Instagram sends out it’s updates every so often. You’ll also look pretty silly because you’ll have 1 million followers, but you’re only averaging 10 likes per photo. Not Okay.

Too many hashtags

The rules for hashtags are different on each platform.

On Twitter engagement usually drops with each additional hashtag, so you should probably stick to 1-3. As for Instagram, the more hashtags the better! When it comes to facebook, just don’t use hashtags. Engagement is terrible with one.

Post other peoples work without giving them credit

Whether it’s a tweet, art, a picture etc. give credit always!

Be super negative

We don’t want to hear your sob stories and we don’t want to here you complain. It wont make us want to buy your stuff. Trust us.

Of course we all want to have an awesome feed, but we don’t you stressing about it! In the meantime, don’t forget to share this on social media! I’m pretty sure you know someone that needs to read this ASAP.

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