Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I hire 24th Year?

    We are super excited you want to work with us! In order for us to get the best feel for what you’re looking to accomplish with a project, the first step is filling out our client questionnaire form email us and we’ll send it to ya! here.

  • What type of clients do you work with?

    We are a full service marketing agency, so we don’t discriminate. We’re all about helping you get your message across no matter what it is!

  • How much is a website?

    Web development costs are all based on consultation with individual clients. Since different websites can consist of different things, we consult with each client to clarify your website needs, then develop an official quote based on those needs.

  • What platforms do you use for web design?

    I design all websites on Squarespace’s platform. This method does require you to have your own domain. I do not offer design for any other platforms.

  • Who manages my website when it’s finished?

    We have monthly design retainers in which allow us to manage and maintain your website for you on a consistent basis.

  • How much is financial strategy?

    Our financial strategy services cost and initial payment of $325 and a monthly payment of $165. Check out how you’ll be making additional income for your business here.

  • How can I start making money for my business? I want to quit my 9-5 and work my business full time.

    We have an online educational course where we teach our clients how to invest in the foreign exchange market. We have a earn while you learn system that has worked for over 10,000 entreprenures! Learn more here.

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